Outdoor Therapy

I offer sessions working with clients outdoors; pulling on both my training in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and the principles of Ecotherapy which centre around your relationship to the natural world. It is now widely accepted that spending time outdoors has numerous benefits to both physical and emotional health. For the past 15 years I have experienced these benefits both personally and whilst working with outdoor education programs supporting young people. I am pleased to now be able to  offer my clients the opportunity to work together outdoors.


I would work with you to tailor outdoor sessions to meet your individual needs, be that;

  • IMG_3797walking and talking
  • sitting and talking outdoors
  • developing a deeper sense of understanding and connection to the natural world
  • helping to make positive changes to your patterns and behaviour
  • finding greater context and meaning in your life
  • using mindfulness, meditation practice, yoga and creative play outdoors


Scarborough is an area of outstanding natural beauty where the moors meet the sea. Close by there are the beautiful woodland of Raincliffe Woods, the Cinder Track which runs all the way from Scarborough to Whitby, the coastal paths along the Cleveland Way and local beaches and parks.

To work together outdoors you do not require a particularly high level of fitness or a great interest in the natural world. Some clients simply find it less daunting to walk and talk and they are as welcome as those who choose to explore more deeply their connections to nature.

I only ask that clients are aware of their limitations and come appropriately dressed for the conditions. The location, pace and distance covered is discussed before the session and the client may choose to spend the session sat in an outdoor space (usually reserved for warmer months).

All sessions are supported by the same boundaries as my standard counselling sessions with both clearly defined objectives and confidentiality. Although work is undertaken in a public space there are no shortage of quiet places to talk and prior to the session we can discuss how we would choose to deal with others being nearby.

Session duration is negotiable and can be longer than the standard hour if the client has a particular objective in mind. If the weather prevents the planned session from going ahead, I have a dedicated indoor space that can be used as an alternative.